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Chicago Inventors Conference

 Have you ever thought of yourself as an inventor? Did you know that anyone can become an Inventor?Do you have an idea that needs to be developed into a product?  Are you an inventor with a patent and are saying “now what”?

Most individual innovators – inventors, authors, software developers, artists, etc. — assume there is a logical, sequential process involved in getting their products to market. So, most of their initial activities usually focus on getting the invention from the brain to the drawing board to prototype. Unfortunately, once the prototype is complete, a very large percentage of inventors “hit the wall” and are stymied by how to market their product.This situation does not need to happen! In fact, many marketing steps can – and should – be taken concurrently, or even before, the product taking shape and form. 


A invention conference is one proven and tool that you can utilize to help reach your goals and the 2016 Chicago Inventors Conference will open your eyes to this and much more.

How to Do Business With Box Retailers by dynamic keynote speakers. What you should be aware of when considering approaching the big guys.

  • Vendor compliance standards

  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

  • Discounts, returns, defective allowance

  • Penalties for non-compliance

  • Getting paid – Factoring needed


How to be prepared to work with an oversea manufacturer.

An Exceptional Intellectual Property (IP) panel moderated by Loeb & Loeb’s Partner Adam Kelly will also address the latest issues in the Patent Reform Act and the Internet of Everything’s web of potential legal pitfalls associated with implementing IoT, including technology licensing issues and use of open source software.


There will be presentations on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) Business Models/Applications by Accenture’s Global Director of Legal Services Melvin Flowers and UAV Services Lead Paul Barsimian and Newovo Plastics CEO Carl Dumele speaking on 3D Printing – The Future of Manufacturing.

As part of the conference, there will also be an Innovators Market providing an opportunity for innovators to establish relationships with buyers seeking unique products for national and new emerging markets, and network with patent attorneys, prototype developers, internet technology and marketing consultants who can assist them with navigating the invention process.

An Inventor Pitch to Investors Contest will be opened to the General Public which will allow the top five (5) product submission finalists to pitch their idea to Angel Investor Judges and a live audience for a chance to win several prizes such as “Mentoring from A Heartland Angels Investor – One of Chicago’s Leading Angel Investor Groups”!

While the swift cut-and-parry of creation is the heart of an inventor’s life, there is another important component – networking. Let’s face it; no matter how great your invention may be, you can always benefit from talented professionals in your field that might be willing to lend a hand.


Maybe it’s that database programmer you’ve been scouring the earth for, or that distributor you need to get your product on store shelves, or a patent attorney to make sure your intellectual property is protected. The 2016 Chicago Inventors Conference is a must attend if you are planning to move your business forward. 


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