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The Importance of Having a Great Pitch

To many people, the idea of pitching is intimidating. But for you to succeed in business or clinch a leadership position, having a great pitch is not an option. A great pitch is concise, convincing and delivered in a self assured manner. For this reason making a great pitch is not a walk in the park but a very rewarding experience when done correctly. Securing funds for business is the main goal of a great pitch. However, people seeking leadership positions, especially in political positions require awesome pitching.

 A great pitch is simply the gateway to securing funds or capital for business expansion or start up. Financial institutions have been providing the bulk of business funding for long period. To secure the funds from banks and other financial institutions, developing a convincing, pragmatic and feasible business plan is mandatory. Currently, angel investors have become important source of business funding. This is where a great pitch comes in. 

Just like a business plan, a great pitch should be compelling and practical. For this reason, you must have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of your industry and the idea you are selling to angel investors. This includes knowledge of your target market, the particular problem that your idea is solving, anticipated revenues, the competition, rival products and uniqueness of your idea among others. In this regard, a great pitch must convince the investor that his money is in safe hands.

 A great pitch is crucial for selling your brand. It is essentially reflects your strategic plan for your product. For this reason, a great pitch should always be fresh and in tandem with the current trends in the market. In most cases, the success of a brand is determined by the effectiveness of the pitch. From experience, numerous brands fail not because of their inherent weakness, but because of poor pitching.  This underlines the importance of having a great pitch to promote your brand.


The ultimate objective of a pitch is to impress the panel so that they can buy your idea. You should always bear in mind that the panelists are human after all, not matter how intimidating they might seem. In short, it is a business and you should never take it personal. In this regard,   the importance of a great pitch in securing business funding and promoting your brand   cannot be over emphasized.


Chicago Inventors Organization pitch contest presents a good opportunity for potential entrepreneurs and investors to sell their ideas to angel investors. By participating in this annual contest, investors, entrepreneurs and the larger public at large   are accorded the chance to commercialize their ideas and inventions. 

He annual contest provides successful contestants with appropriate and affordable resources to take their ideas to the next level. One of the most outstanding attributes of the annual contest is that it is open to a wide range of inventions and ideas. In this regard, developing a great pitch is all that separates your potential idea or invention from being the next big thing

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