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The Importance of Having a Great Pitch

To many people, the idea of pitching is intimidating. But for you to succeed in business or clinch a leadership position, having a great pitch is not an option. A great pitch is concise, convincing and delivered in a self-assured manner.  For this reason, making a great pitch is not a walk in the park but a very rewarding experience when done correctly. Securing funds for business is the main goal of a great pitch. However, people seeking leadership positions, especially in political positions require awesome pitching.

Importance of Inventors Organizations

Thеrе аrе professional organizations іn еvеrу field. But аrе thе yearly dues worth іt tо join? That’s thе question еvеrу thriving entrepreneur or professional asks whеn he/she contemplates аbоut joining а professional organization, еѕресіаllу inventors. Whіlе еасh аnd еvеrу organization іѕ different, thе short answer іѕ mоѕt often: YES. Especially, іf you’re already an investor or you are planning to reinvent an existing product.


Chicago Inventors Conference

Most individual innovators – inventors, authors, software developers, artists, etc. — assume there is a logical, sequential process involved in getting their products to market. So, most of their initial activities usually focus on getting the invention from the brain to the drawing board to prototype.

Calvin Flowers Featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

In this provocative article, Crain’s Chicago Business highlights Chicago Inventors Organization’s President Calvin Flowers and his road to success as he realized that the only way his invention would ever get out into the world as if he pushed the process forward himself.

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