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Your contribution helps support the CIO’s vision of being a premier provider of quality services to inventors from low and moderate-income communities, with limited financial resources whose inventions will create sustainable businesses and jobs in the Chicago metropolitan area.

We help “Ordinary People with Extraordinary Inventions” bring their product dreams to reality.



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CIO is supported through the generosity of law firms, corporations, banks, colleges, and individuals. We ask you to join us in our “Creating Next Wave Inventors” Movement. Support our efforts by donating to the Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) Today. Your donation will allow us to continue delivering vital programs that work hard to effectively create and commercialize new products, sustainable businesses, and jobs. We hope you will embrace and support our efforts by making a donation today. There are many ways that you can help.

Maker Space

Taking the bold product ideas of independent inventors with limited resources and turning them into marketable solutions requires effective and affordable service provider resources. The CIO MAKER SPACE provides hands-on staff support to inventors who have a product idea but lack the technical expertise to create a CAD (Computer Assisted Design) product design, 3D Printed Prototype or 3D Product Animation.  The MAKER SPACE will provide inventors (Adults & Youth) with the opportunity to design, develop and test their prototypes. Future plans include the MAKER SPACE providing workforce development opportunities in advanced manufacturing for inventor short product runs and online sales. MORE ABOUT MAKER SPACE

Young Inventor Entrepreneurs Program

As a supporter of the CIO’s Young Inventor Entrepreneurs Program (YiEP), you will be helping gifted young minds with a passion for STEM, who often have to give up their dream for something a little easier to afford. What if the amazing technologies and projects of the future were created by a student that was given a helping hand somewhere along the way?  As a fairly new Program housed in the CIO MAKER SPACE, we still lack the funding needed to provide the level of equipment kits needed to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills. Under our theme of “What’s Possible?” we envision having more hands-on experience as we nurture their love of STEM through demonstrations, group discussions, and individual presentations. The funding from this campaign will be used toward field trip expenses & securing multiple equipment kits. MORE ABOUT YIEP