Our Resources


CIO’s goal is to help evaluate inventor product ideas and assist with navigating the invention process. Taking independent inventors’ bold ideas and turning them into marketable solutions requires effective and affordable service provider resources. Our business model integrates the talents and expertise of inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, patent attorneys, banks, media, and various service providers to develop products, businesses, and jobs.

CIO is looking for New Inventors/Innovators who:

  • Have an idea for a product but don’t know the next steps to take.

  • They are creative with lots of ideas but need help figuring out which one is good.

  • I started with an idea but are stuck in the process and need help with what to do next.

  • Have products already being sold but are interested in licensing them to others.

CIO Members can receive:

  • Assistance with manufacturing and finding buyers for their products.

  • Industry-specific educational seminars in person and online for each phase of development to solve the challenges of starting their IP based business.

  • Access to resources from CIO partnering businesses including educational opportunities, USPTO Pro Bono patent programs, and affordable competent service providers.

  • Assistance in the identification of funding opportunities.

  • Mentorship from experienced professionals who have started businesses and have navigated their way to profitability.

For More Information: Contact Us Online (http://chicago-inventors.org/contact/) or

 Call 312-850-4710.