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Service Provider Membership

The Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) is committed to helping both experienced and aspiring inventors turn their ideas into reality. CIO was founded in 2004 as an Illinois 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks to offer innovative educational resources and consulting services to under-served individuals navigating the invention process. Our goal is to provide members with affordable resources that enable them to bring their innovation to fruition with buyers.
CIO serves as your connection to profit and growth through the core values and benefits of members doing business with other members, efforts towards protecting product ideas and a focus on creating a culture of innovation throughout the Chicago region.

•    CIO Prescreening of Prospective Clients;
•    CIO Quarterly Conference Participation Opportunities 
•    Free Admission To All CIO events

•    Client contracts detailing services, products, timelines, costs, etc;
•    Free initial client consultation
•    Report quarterly on the number of member clients serviced.
For more information about becoming a Service Provider, call 312.850.4710


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