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Donating to the Chicago Inventors Organization will support our mission to provide resources, education, and support to inventors and entrepreneurs in the Chicago area. This will further allow CIO to carry out our mission of promoting innovation, economic development, and job creation.


Expand our services: With more funding, the CIO can expand our services and programs. We can offer more workshops, events, and mentorship opportunities that will enable even more inventors and entrepreneurs to receive comprehensive support to help them succeed.

Build our infrastructure: Donations can help CIO to invest in infrastructure items such as an  improved their website, or developing new technology tools, and hiring additional staff. This will help us to operate more efficiently and effectively, and ultimately serve our clients better.


Foster community partnerships: With more funding, CIO can build stronger partnerships with other organizations and businesses in the community. This will allow us to collaborate on new initiatives and provide even more resources and support to inventors and entrepreneurs.

Your tax-deductible sponsorships and donations will help expand CIO resources to provide enhanced interactive working spaces for Multi-Generational Inventors, purchase the necessary equipment to broadcast inventor classes and events to our Network of Innovators and the General Public. 


Debit / Credit Cards Accepted by PayPal

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