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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chicago, the Chicago Inventors Organization’s (CIO) vision is to become the leading provider of resources to underserved Inventors whose product/ideas have the potential to bring strong economic gains to economically disadvantaged communities throughout Chicagoland. 

CIO’s mission is to offer innovative Educational and Service Provider programs and Management Consulting services to multi-generational independent Inventors to help them navigate the Invention/Innovation process. The need is vast as underserved inventor entrepreneurs are typically left to fend for themselves without the financial means to accomplish their goals as they attempt to create sustainable businesses and jobs in the Chicagoland area. 

Inventor development is facilitated by CIO providing foundational knowledge and entrepreneurial skillsets to help them learn to achieve their goals profitably. We guide and encourage each member to acquire a patent or copyright/trademark protection, a Proof-of-Concept prototype or CAD drawing, a business case, action plan and marketing plans.


Over the last five years CIO’s performance outcomes have resulted in members acquiring 119 patents, 7 trademarks, 6 copyrights, 129 prototypes, 3 licensing agreements, 25 new business formations and 24 manufacturing inventory runs. We are building on the tremendous energy of virtual platforms and in-person meetings and events broadcasted from our offices at LACUNA LOFTS in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood

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Chicago Inventors Organization is located in Lacuna Lofts, 2150 S. Canalport in Chicago, IL 60608


Why Choose CIO

There are several reasons to choose the Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) 

Overall, the Chicago Inventors Organization can be a valuable resource for inventors and entrepreneurs looking to bring their ideas to market.


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CIO has a team of experienced professionals with expertise in various areas such as patent law, product design, and marketing. They can provide inventors with guidance and support throughout the product development process.


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CIO provides access to a range of resources that can be helpful to inventors, such as patent attorneys, prototyping services, and marketing experts. These resources can be costly to obtain individually, but CIO provides them at a lower cost or for free to its members.


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CIO offers educational workshops and training programs that can help inventors develop their skills and knowledge. This includes topics such as patent law, prototyping, and marketing.


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CIO provides opportunities for inventors to network with other inventors, industry professionals, and potential investors. This can help inventors to find mentors, partners, and funding for their projects.


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CIO fosters a community of inventors and entrepreneurs who share a passion for innovation. This can provide a supportive and collaborative environment that can help inventors overcome challenges and succeed in their ventures.

why choose cio
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