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Help Support The Chicago Inventors Organization.

Buy CIO Merchandise On-Line

Purchasing merchandise from the Chicago Inventors Swag Shop directly supports the Chicago Inventors Organization in several ways:

  1. Financial Support: Revenue generated from merchandise sales goes directly to the Chicago Inventors Organization. This financial support helps to sustain our operations, including organizing events, providing resources for inventors, and running programs to foster innovation in the community.

  2. Visibility and Awareness: Wearing or using merchandise from the Chicago Inventors Swag Shop can increase visibility and awareness for the organization. When people see others wearing or using the merchandise, it sparks curiosity and interest, potentially leading to more people learning about the organization and its mission.

  3. Community Engagement: By purchasing merchandise, you're showing your support for the Chicago Inventors Organization and becoming part of their community. This engagement is crucial for the organization's growth and impact, as it builds a network of supporters and advocates who can contribute in various ways, from volunteering to spreading the word about their initiatives.

  4. Promotion of Innovation: The Chicago Inventors Organization aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Chicago area. By purchasing merchandise, you're contributing to this mission indirectly. The funds raised through merchandise sales enable the organization to continue providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities for inventors to develop and commercialize their ideas, ultimately fostering innovation within the community.

Overall, purchasing merchandise from the Chicago Inventors Swag Shop is a tangible way to support the organization financially, raise awareness about its initiatives, engage with its community, and contribute to the promotion of innovation in the Chicago area.


Your tax-deductible sponsorships and donations will help expand CIO resources to provide enhanced interactive working spaces for Multi-Generational Inventors, purchase the necessary equipment to broadcast inventor classes and events to our Network of Innovators and the General Public. 


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