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New Year - New Ideas

The Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) extends a New Year – New Ideas welcome to Chicago’s inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs as CIO celebrates 20 years of helping underserved independent inventors bring their product ideas to market. So what is this CATCH THE NEXT WAVE being promoted by CIO? We’re so glad you asked! CIO’s Next Wave Movement focuses on Community Economic Opportunity through the Intellectual Property (IP) ownership elements of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets.

2024 will see CIO expanding the footprint for its Prototyping Lab and Academy Broadcasting Studio in order to more effectively assist inventors with developing, protecting and selling their new products. Our twenty years of ongoing commitment and efforts has provided hope to inventors seeking to make a difference in their communities, metro Chicago and the State of Illinois. The future success of today’s underserved independent inventors is a beacon of hope for adolescent inventors participating in our Young Inventor Entrepreneurs Summer Camp. Seeing independent inventors from their neighborhoods launch their products and start businesses shows them that their ideas and efforts are valued.

The Chicago Inventors Organization (CIO) welcomes the opportunity and challenge to convince Donors and Corporate funding entities that together we can create a Chicago that excels in the development of innovative products by underserved independent inventors. We encourage you to join us in our CATCH THE NEXT WAVE movement.

Calvin Flowers, President
Dennis Daniels, Vice President

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